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A sweet gallery of some of my favorite photos from birth and fresh 48 sessions with Fincher Photography.

Yes! But only if you want me to. We can talk specifics about all the photos you want, or don't want during your one-on-one consultation. 

What If I go into labor late at night/early in the morning/a week before im due/etc.?

I understand that babies are not only born between 8am and 5pm. I am on call 24/7 for my clients. If you happen to go into labor early I should still be available (I block out 2 weeks surrounding birth for each client, but am USUALLY always around for someones due date) If for some reason I am unable to make it I have backup photographers available. 

What if I have a really long labor?

That's perfectly fine (& normal!) I promise I'm not timing you, or charging you by the hour. If your labor stalls significantly I may step out for a few hours and return when labor picks up. However, for the most part I am there for the long haul! 

Do you photograph c-sections?

Unfortunately, the hospitals in the area do not allow photographers in the room most of the time. However, please consult with your Dr. as every circumstance is different. If okay-ed by Dr. and hospital I will be more than happy to photograph your c-section. If you happen to have an emergency c-section after going into labor I will continue to stay at the hospital to photograph everything leading up to and after the O.R. If you are having a planned c-section I offer special rates for coverage before and after the O.R.

do you take crowning shots?

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