Portsmouth Naval Hospital Birth Photography - Elliot Joyce!

When Tiffany was pregnant with Elliot she joked the entire time that he was never going to come. She joked about it so much, that I started to believe her. So when she texted me on her due date and told me, “it COULD be something” I was SUPER excited. A DUE DATE BABY! Except that she texted me around 9 at night. Babies rarely come that fast….right?

Well, Elliot was determined to be born on his due date.

After that first text I received a series of texts becoming more and more clear that labor was starting. When Tiffany told me she was headed toward the hospital, I grabbed my camera bag and headed that way. I usually wait until a mom is ADMITTED into the hospital or at the very least checked before I leave my house, but I had a feeling that I needed to leave my house before Tiffany ever even reached the hospital.

When I reached the hospital Tiffany’s husband texted me the room number and as I reached the room I heard A LOT of commotion. A nurse outside the door asked if I was there to photograph Tiffany and when I said yes, he practically pushed me into the room saying, “YOU’RE GONNA MISS IT!” He wasn’t kidding, within 10 minutes of me arriving to her room and Tiffany was pushing another 10 minutes and elliot was in Tiffany’s arms.

It was quick. It was intense. It was amazing. It was beautiful. It was loud. It was perfect. And in the end, there was a perfect 10 lb. baby boy.

This birth took place in July 2015, and since then I have shown it to many clients and potential clients. I get a lot of response from this birth, mostly because the intensity shown in the photos. Yes, Tiffany was in pain. She was as surprised as anyone at the quickness and intensity of the birth, but she was OH SO AMAZING at handling it. Her husband was such a rock during the whole labor and it was beautiful to watch. So many of my births show a silent, internal, pushing through it kind of pain, when pain is portrayed. These photos show a much louder picture, because it was. It made this birth all that more amazing. Each birth is different, each baby, each mom, but they are all so amazingly beautiful.

Okay, I will stop using the word beautiful for 5 minutes, so you can take all the perfect emotions in.

One of my favorite things about this birth was that as soon as Elliot was born Tiffany “forgot” about that fear and pain. Her baby boy had arrived and they were so enamored by him. Tiffany and Brett kissed, laughed, joked and just took in their little boy.


She had just ran a marathon given birth naturally to a 10 lb. baby in under 4 hours and was in such a playful and joyful mood!

I am just SO GLAD that I was able to make it in time.

This birth took place in July 2015 at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA.

Hello Addie! A Virginia Beach In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Photo

I had the amazing pleasure of photographing Addie and her family just a few days after her birth (actually her due date!) in their beautiful Virginia Beach home.

Virginia Beach Family Newborn Session

It actually snowed the morning I took these photos, so the kids were all  excited to play! Sweet baby Addie loved the excitement; she was wide awake, but oh so calm the entire time I was there. Addie will have so much fun with all of her siblings! They just can’t wait until she is old enough to play!

older sister newborn photo
newborn lifestyle bassinet

Addie’s sisters could not get enough of her. They just wanted to hold her, look at her, cuddle her, and kiss her all day long. She is one loved little girl. 

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photo
In-Home Newborn Sibling Photos

This sweet baby loved to be curled up and cuddled. She was just glad someone was holding her.

In-Home Newborn Photos with Parents
Daddy Daughter Newborn Photos
Mother Daughter Lifestyle Newborn Photo
In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

She was already so soothed by the sound of Mom and Dad’s voices. She just loved to stare and make eye-contact!

In-Home Newborn Session

Welcome to the world Addie!!

This newborn session took place at the client’s home in Virginia Beach, Va. In-Home documentary sessions are a great choice for family newborn photos.

Molly Rose - Fresh 48 Session - Sentara Leigh Hospital - Virginia Beach, VA

  Sweet Molly Rose entered the world at 11:45am on December 21st 2015 at Sentara Leigh Hospital in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 21 in. long. Isn’t she just gorgeous!?!

Sentara Leigh Fresh 48

Molly wasn’t too sure about the whole photoshoot thing and kept making the most adorable pouty face; I mean, look at that pout. I have a feeling Collin and Caroline will have trouble saying no to that sweet face. 

Virginia Beach Fresh 48

She was SO alert for the whole session! It was amazing seeing a newborn so awake! She just loved looking at mom and dad!

Sentara Leigh Newborn Photos
Fresh 48 Session - Sentara Leigh
Newborn Session - Sentara Leigh Hospital - Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach Fresh 48 Photographer

Congratulations, Caroline & Collin and Happy Birthday Molly!!