The Longenbach Family- A Fresh 48 Session at Sentara Leigh Hospital in Virginia Beach Virginia

Generational Love

Family is everything to me. Seeing my boys grow up alongside my husband is the largest blessing I have received in my life, but we would never be able to do it alone. Being a military family there is a lot of moving, hellos, goodbyes, and life changes but our family is always consistent. Our family may not be close by, but their presence is always felt and so important to us. Since becoming a parent, I hold the role that grandparents hold especially dear. This sweet Mama had her parents in town and they decided to include them in this Fresh 48 session. I could not be happier to capture these precious moments for them.


This session was a Fresh 48 photography session. A Fresh 48 Session is a newborn photography session that takes place in the hospital within the first 48 hours of a child’s birth. What is especially special about fresh 48 photography sessions is because they don’t focus on posing or props I can really focus on capturing the first moments of baby's life. As a Fresh 48 photographer, my main goal is to capture the love and connection in that hospital room. These photos aren't about having the perfect outfit, makeup or hair, it is about capturing those itty bitty baby lips, the light in a new moms eyes, and pride in a new dad's smile.  


Fresh 48 photography in itself is beautiful because I get to capture little moments that otherwise will not be seen and tiny baby details that change so quickly.


My favorite person to watch in this Fresh 48 session was Grandpa. You could see the love for that baby on his face. The joy was overwhelming and you could see the relationship begin. It was there. I could tell they weren't in Virginia Beach any longer, they were in their own separate world becoming best friends and confidants in the first seconds of Grandpa holding him.  It was something of magic to see the bond happen and be able to catch it on camera. I was happy that the Longenbach family allowed me to capture the connection happening in the Fresh 48 Session between the baby and the generational love that was in the room at Sentara Leigh Hospital in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


This Fresh 48 photography session took place at Sentara Leigh Hospital in Virginia Beach, Va.