Meet Emma - Langley Medical Center Fresh 48 Session


I was counting down the days to this Fresh 48 session at Langley Medical Center. A few weeks prior I had the immense honor of photographing Emma’s dad, Ryan’s, military homecoming at Norfolk International Airport. He had been deployed the majority of Larissa’s pregnancy and it was so adorable watching as he felt Emma kick for the first time and see Larissa glowing with her sweet baby bump.


As I entered their room I instantly saw Emma’s full head of thick blonde hair and I’m still not over it. I mean seriously, LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! She’s gonna be a hair bow model or Pantene spokesperson one day - I can feel it. Larissa (Emma’s mom) had been through a rough few days with labor and delivery but was such a graceful beauty during her session. We focused on capturing those oh so sweet moments of Larissa and Ryan just taking in their sweet baby girl.


My favorite thing ever to ask mom’s to do it “breathe in their baby”. As a birth photographer I get the unique privilege of witnessing moms see their baby’s for the first time. I cannot tell you the amount of times I see moms “breathe their baby’s in”, smell that sweet new baby smell, and take it all in even before they get a good look. When they do it, their whole body changes, they are transported right back to that moment.It will always be may favorite prompt for new Mamas.


Emma is Larissa and Ryan’s first baby, which means Ryan is a new dad. New dad’s are the absolute BEST. They hold their sweet new baby as though they are made of delicate porcelain. They timidly swaddle and oh so gently tend to their baby’s every need. Seriously, nothing makes me happier than watching a new dad bond with their baby. And I mean, how perfect are these photos of Emma and Ryan. If she becomes a daddy’s girl (I mean how could she not) I’m sure she will cherish each and every one of these photos for her entire life, sharing them with her children and grandchildren as she shares how amazing her dad was.


Emma is seriously just the sweetest! I am so lucky that I got to meet her family and capture these memories for their family, and generations to come. This Fresh 48 session took place in Hampton, Virginia at Langley Medical Center in 2018.