Happy Birthday Scarlett - Portsmouth Naval Hospital Birth Photography

When I met to discuss being her birth photographer Jennifer she told me she just KNEW that Scarlett would be here in time for Christmas. As the days drew nearer to Christmas and her due date passed, she began to worry that sweet Scarlett would not make her appearance until after Christmas.

Turns out, Scarlett was planning on celebrating Christmas with her family, AND was planning on helping her mom celebrate her birthday!!

I woke up the morning of the 22nd and texted one of my good friends Happy Birthday, then I headed to a Fresh 48 Session (blog next week!!). On my way, Jenn texted me that she wasn't positive.... but she felt like today was THE day. By the time I finished the Fresh 48 session I was headed to Portsmouth  to capture Scarlett's arrival. When I arrived I joked that it was my best friend's birthday.... THEN Jen tells me its HER  birthday AND THEN, her sweet friend who traveled to help her through labor says ME TOO!!

Scarlett HAD to come that day, there was no other choice at that point.

Jen was SO calm and collected for her entire labor, only hoping to see her sweet birthday girl soon. Her husband and sweet friends did such a great job at keeping her smiling and even laughing, through the hours of contractions.

Scarlett arrived after 3 pushes (including the "practice push") and was so beautiful and healthy.

She was the calmest newborn I have ever witnessed, not even crying through her first bath.

Scarlett's family choose to have their Fresh 48 session the next day to focus on Big Sister meeting little Scarlett.

portmouth naval hospital fresh 48

Let me tell you, it was the sweetest most adorable thing I have ever witnessed. Natalie is the most precious big sister and her love for "her baby" just shines. 

What a lucky Dad to be surrounded by so many beautiful girls :)

Welcome to the world Scarlett!! I'm sure your Mom will have a story to share with you about HER favorite birthday gift!

Happy Birthday Jenn, Kim, and Scarlett!!

This Birth Photography and Fresh 48 Session took place at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia.

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