Meet Emma - Langley Medical Center Fresh 48 Session

Sweet baby Emma’s dad arrived just in time for her birth and I was so very excited to capture this sweet family bond as a family of three. Emma was a dream to photograph with the longest hair I have ever seen on such a little girl. She has the sweetest round cheeks and bright eyes. It was such an honor to photograph this sweet baby girl and her family at Langley Medical Center in Hampton, Virginia.

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Neuberger Family - Outdoor Maternity Session in Chesapeake, Va

Romantic Maternity Session in Chesapeake, VA
Couples Maternity Session in Hampton Roads, Va

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Morgyn and her family early in her pregnancy. I was instantly so very excited to capture this amazing journey to baby for this very sweet family. When scheduling her maternity session, Morgyn knew that she wanted to wait as long as possible before having her maternity photos taken. She wanted to make sure her baby bump was really popped and she was just awaiting baby’s arrival. This meant scheduling a December maternity session. We were very nervous about picking a date for this outdoor maternity photoshoot because of the unpredictability of Virginia’s winter weather. We were so overjoyed when her session rolled around and the weather was absolutely perfect. The weather was warm, and the sunlight was absolutely dreamy.


Big brother Quentin wasn’t too sure about being involved in these photos but I am SO GLAD that he was included. Those last few days of being an only child are oh so special, both for our children, but also as mothers. It’s the moments of giving all our attention to our first born. It is such a special time, and I absolutely adore capturing those sweet moments for mamas.

Mother-Son Maternity Session

These moments as the Neuberger family transforms from a family of three, to a family of four were just so precious. We were so glad we were able to schedule Morgyn’s maternity session this weekend, because sweet baby Clara made her arrival just a few days later.


This outdoor family maternity session was photographed in December 2018 at Chesapeake, Virginia.

The Decambra Family an In-Studio Newborn Session

I had so much fun photographing the Decambra family's lifestyle session at my Norfolk studio. I couldn’t have asked for a cuter family to work with on this beautiful day. These sweet parents had cutest, most laid back little boy  I have ever come across! They came into my Hampton Roads photography studio and saw I had styled it to match their little family's style. This is one of the reasons an in studio newborn session is so nice; you get the feeling of home, but without the clean up! I am able to customize my photography sets in my studio into a home away from home. The littlest Decambra was the most comfortable-- he was asleep the whole session!!!


Taking advantage of the sleeping baby I was able to use all of the different selections of swaddling blankets, beds, and lighting available. In-studio newborn sessions allow me to capture the connection and love in a family, without worrying about moving baby into too many complicated poses or outfits. It allows them to be at ease and just be a family. They didn’t have to pose to get that family picture, the Decambra’s only needed to be with one another to have their lives and love documented.


The in studio newborn lifestyle session is a way to capture the beginnings of a relationship between baby, mom, and dad. The Decambra’s showed just that-- the true unwaivering love that comes with a new baby. 


As stated before this lifestyle newborn session took place in my photography studio located in the Chelsea/Ghent area of Norfolk, Va. 

Surprise Birth! DePaul Medical Center - Norfolk, VA


Three weeks ago, my favorite birth of the year happened! I had the joy of taking photos of my BRAND NEW BABY BOY!! I gave birth at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, Va and my wonderful husband took any photos where I am in the frame.

Yes, yes, I had a baby. Don’t worry guys I knew it was going to happen, I just choose to keep my pregnancy off the internet.

I always tell my clients that I understand that birth photography is extremely intimate and personal. For that reason, whether or not we share photos is totally up to you! Also, if you want SOME photos shared, but just a few, I can certainly accommodate that request. I personally have chosen to only share a select few photos, but I hope that you enjoy them! :) I have technically been on maternity leave since February 1st and plan on being on leave until April 1st. I will be staying active on Facebook, my blog, and website and I will return to photographing births April 1st.

I feel a little behind because, I honestly did not expect my sweet son to make his arrival this early. I had my first contraction at 6 am on February 1st (the day I planned on starting my EARLY maternity leave!) and he arrived at 2 am on the 2nd of February, at EXACTLY 37 weeks. It was the easiest, most relaxing birth. I give some credit and thanks to all my wonderful birth mamas that have allowed me to photograph them for that. Each of my birth clients prepared me for any situation this birth could have thrown at me. Watching how wonderfully calm each of my clients has been really helped me channel a calmness.

Thank you for you patience during this time, and if you are interested in booking me for April-December do not hesitate to contact me! I am still taking client meetings and messages during my maternity leave.

This birth wasn’t technically photographed by me. (There are photos included that I took, but most were taken by my wonderful husband. A few mayyyy even be iPhone pictures)

These birth photos were taken at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, VA.

Welcome Fabricio! DePaul Medical Center Fresh 48 Session / Norfolk, VA

DePaul Medical Center Fresh 48

It was such a joy to get to meet this sweet baby on his very first day. (one of the BEST parts of being a Fresh 48 photographer is seeing so many sweet babies on their VERY FIRST day!) Fabricio arrived a few days early and his mother was so worried about his delivery (he had been breech for a few weeks). On the day I took these photos (about 12 hours post birth), it was finally sinking in what an amazing thing it was that Fabricio had arrived.

Fresh 48 Session - Norfolk, VA
In Hospital Newborn Session Depaul Medical
Family Newborn Session DePaul Medical Center
Hospital Newborn Photos Norfolk VA

He was here. He was healthy. Everyone was happy. That joy, that unexplainable joy, was such an amazing thing to capture.

Welcome to the world Fabricio! I know you will do amazing things!

This Fresh 48 Session was split into 2 separate sessions. I offer this to all c-section mamas. If you wish to try as soon as possible I will be there, if it turns out you would like to wait to be able to sit up, I can do that too! I understand that babies don’t always know that a photoshoot is going on, and I am MORE than willing to work with you and your family. I don’t set time limits on my sessions and work with each family individually to capture gorgeous images of your family and your little one’s first day.

This Fresh 48 Session was photographed at DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, VA.

Meet Kara - Birth Photography at Portsmouth Naval Hospital

It has been eight months since I photographed this birth. This has given Paige the chance to look back at her photos and remember the day that her little girl arrived. While everyone’s favorite moment of birth is meeting the sweet tiny baby, there is so much that happens that day.

Looking back, Paige can’t help but fall in love with the story of love and support from her husband. He was such a great support the entire day (both emotionally and physically!)

" My amazing husband was so helpful from beginning to end. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing husband who not only supported my plan, but held me up through each contraction and was my cheerleader to the very end. He helped me laugh even during the most intense and serious moments and even held my heavy numb legs.  I know this experience would have been entirely different had he not been there at my side. I can’t even imagine not being able to share this special experience with him."
labor support
slow moments during labor
husband support during contactions

Paige labored naturally for most of the day. She worked so hard and her support team helped her through each contraction. After many hours of back to back contractions, Paige’s midwife realized that baby Kara was sunny side up. This helped to explain Paige’s intense back labor and delayed progress. After almost 20 hours of laboring Paige was able to rest and relax for awhile, after a few hours of rest she was ready to push.

support during pushing
"It was finally time to push. Now pushing isn’t exactly a breeze when your legs are dead weight and you can no longer feel your muscles contracting. You basically feel like you’re bearing weight down on nothing and your head is about to explode. But it all worked out with my amazing coaches by my side."
"Little miss Kara Elizabeth finally made her way to the outside world that August 9th evening at 8:30 pm weighing in at 7lbs 8.5oz, 21inches. It was definitely a strange feeling having her tiny warm body laid upon my chest, her eyes already open wide, eager to take in the world around her. And from that moment she has never stopped, always quick to turn her head at any new environment."
"Anthony would always crack jokes about how terrified he was of being a father.But he definitely fit the part as soon as our gorgeous girl was finally in his arms. One of my favorite pictures Kara’s birth is the one where he is leaning over and cupping her little back with the palm of his hand."

It was such an amazing experience to be able to document my wonderful friend give birth to her baby girl. Every birth story is amazing, but watching friends become parents is one of the most wonderful things I have had the chance to do.

Welcome to the world sweet baby Kara and Congratulations Paige & Anthony!

This birth was photographed August 2015 at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA.


**This post was moved over from my old website, dates may be different on the blog post.

Portsmouth Naval Hospital Birth Photography - Elliot Joyce!

When Tiffany was pregnant with Elliot she joked the entire time that he was never going to come. She joked about it so much, that I started to believe her. So when she texted me on her due date and told me, “it COULD be something” I was SUPER excited. A DUE DATE BABY! Except that she texted me around 9 at night. Babies rarely come that fast….right?

Well, Elliot was determined to be born on his due date.

After that first text I received a series of texts becoming more and more clear that labor was starting. When Tiffany told me she was headed toward the hospital, I grabbed my camera bag and headed that way. I usually wait until a mom is ADMITTED into the hospital or at the very least checked before I leave my house, but I had a feeling that I needed to leave my house before Tiffany ever even reached the hospital.

When I reached the hospital Tiffany’s husband texted me the room number and as I reached the room I heard A LOT of commotion. A nurse outside the door asked if I was there to photograph Tiffany and when I said yes, he practically pushed me into the room saying, “YOU’RE GONNA MISS IT!” He wasn’t kidding, within 10 minutes of me arriving to her room and Tiffany was pushing another 10 minutes and elliot was in Tiffany’s arms.

It was quick. It was intense. It was amazing. It was beautiful. It was loud. It was perfect. And in the end, there was a perfect 10 lb. baby boy.

This birth took place in July 2015, and since then I have shown it to many clients and potential clients. I get a lot of response from this birth, mostly because the intensity shown in the photos. Yes, Tiffany was in pain. She was as surprised as anyone at the quickness and intensity of the birth, but she was OH SO AMAZING at handling it. Her husband was such a rock during the whole labor and it was beautiful to watch. So many of my births show a silent, internal, pushing through it kind of pain, when pain is portrayed. These photos show a much louder picture, because it was. It made this birth all that more amazing. Each birth is different, each baby, each mom, but they are all so amazingly beautiful.

Okay, I will stop using the word beautiful for 5 minutes, so you can take all the perfect emotions in.

One of my favorite things about this birth was that as soon as Elliot was born Tiffany “forgot” about that fear and pain. Her baby boy had arrived and they were so enamored by him. Tiffany and Brett kissed, laughed, joked and just took in their little boy.


She had just ran a marathon given birth naturally to a 10 lb. baby in under 4 hours and was in such a playful and joyful mood!

I am just SO GLAD that I was able to make it in time.

This birth took place in July 2015 at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA.