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Meet Lacey! Lacey has been a Hampton Roads birth photographer since moving to the area in 2014. Learn about why she loves photographing birth, fresh 48, and newborn lifestyle photos.

Hi! I’m Lacey!





I specialize in photographing moments in motherhood. From maternity, to birth, to lifestyle newborn photos I am your girl. 

I have been in business since 2012.

I think the tiny things matter most - your wedding rings, dad's dog tags, the family bible you brought to put babies first footprint into. I love heirlooms and hope to create art that is one day an heirloom itself.

I understand the scary feeling of having your photo taken. No matter the session I am always happy to invite you into my studio to talk everything from outfits and locations to birth plans.

I’m a Certified BBH photographer. I’m Doula Trained. I believe in the sacredness of the birth room and honoring the environment and energy that the birthing mother wants.

I’ve won awards, but my biggest accomplishment is the joy and emotion I get to see when my clients view their birth story images for the very first time. It’s the phone calls and emails I get when mom’s share how their images helped them share their birth story with their family, their newly pregnant loved ones, their now older baby. Knowing these moments are transformed into an absolutely priceless family heirloom, is my greatest joy.

You Can Find My Studio At:
1561 Bradford Rd.
Suite 104
Virginia Beach, VA 23455 or give me a call at 210-480-4227

I think the only way to get through witching is hour is by cranking up the music and having a dance party.

I will never understand how people wash, dry, and put up their laundry all in the same day. 

I believe home isn't a place, but a feeling. 

I wish there was a way to live in an oceanfront home AND a mountain chateu all at the same time.

Ordering a pizza and turning on Netflix can fix even my worst Monday. 

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