your Birth story

is worth capturing

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Wholehearted. Sentimental. Connected.

Capturing the moment you first see your tiny baby, the first time you smell his head, kiss her cheek, look into her eyes, and hold her tight, it is all the most magical moment caught in time. These images are the beginning of a love story. The absolutely beginning of their story. I am so lucky to capture these moments on “film”. I never want you to forget these moments. I want them to see these images and see how loved they were, from their very first breath.

Lacey Fincher- Fincher Photography Photographer

I believe that birth photos are meant to be cherished family heirlooms. 

i believe that Birth stories are the "once upon a time.." to our very own fairy tale - just the beginning of a beautiful story.

I believe that birth and parenting doesn't need to follow a certain plan, criteria, formula, or stereotype to be beautiful. No matter how life is brought into this world, or how a family is formed, it is worth capturing and cherishing forever.          

Learn more about me and what I believe here. 


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